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Verse-By-Verse Through the Bible

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Genesis 1   "God Saw That It Was Good"

Genesis 2   "This One Is Mine"

Genesis 3   "Where Are You"

Genesis 5   "The Family Tree"

Genesis 6   "Grace in the Eyes of the LORD"

Genesis 7   "40 Days and 40 Nights"

Genesis 8   "Sending Out Doves"

Genesis 9   "The Sign of the Covenant"

Genesis 10  "All in the Table of Nations"

Genesis 11  "Are You A Little Confused?"

Genesis 12  "When God Directs"

Genesis 13  "Pitching Your Tent"

Genesis 14  "Setting the Captives Free"

Genesis 15  "Your Exceedingly Great Reward" 

Genesis 16  "Helping God"

Genesis 17  "The Father of Many Nations"

Genesis 18  "Would God Destroy the Righteous...?"

Genesis 19  "Are You Salty?"

Genesis 20  "The Integrity of Your Heart"

Genesis 21  "The Value of Love"

Genesis 22  "Picture Day"

Genesis 23  "Who is to Blame?"

Genesis 24  "A Bride for the Son"

Gen 25:1-20 "The Passing of A Patriarch"

Gen 25:20-34 "The Struggle"

Genesis 26  "Like Father, Like Son"

Genesis 27  "Heel-Catcher"

Genesis 28  "Running and Resting"

Genesis 29  "They Seemed Only A Few Days"

Genesis 30  "Am I In the Place of God?"

Genesis 31  "God is My Defense"

Genesis 32   "WWG"
















For the week of: August 12-18

Pray for today's family:

Richard & Gail

Praying for:

Our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Our country

All veterans:  Those who have served and those who serve today

Peace in Israel

Operation Christmas Child: (Week 38)

Pray that God will provide enough volunteers to staff the Processing Centers and the thousands of collection sites across North America, Europe, and Australia.

This week's Psalm Psalm 35:10-18