Calvary Chapel of LaGrange
Verse-By-Verse Through the Bible

                   TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: 1 CHRONICLES 22 
                                  “Preparing to Build” 
                    DEVOTION FOR TODAY- PSALM 36:10-12 
                  September 15, 2019 Sunday Morning Service 
PRAYER- Every Sunday morning at 8:45am upstairs in the Prayer Room 
YOUTH GROUP- The Youth Group does not meet this morning.   
TUESDAY EVE- Join us as we gather together for the  
Men’s & Women’s Ministries every Tuesday night beginning at 7pm.  
Men: Please read Chapter 4 of “Man of the Word” 
Women: Please read pages 66-82 in the book “Contented” 
SIGN LANGUAGE CLASS- The sign language class does not meet this week 
GUITAR CLASS- The guitar class meets every Thursday beginning at 6pm 
THURSDAY EVENING- Join us this Thursday night as we continue  
our study through the Gospel of Matthew. This week’s study is  
Matthew 5:27-30 “What is in the Heart?”  
YOUTH GROUP - The Youth Group is invited to come and to bring friends  
to come to a cookout at the firepit on Friday night, September 27th  
beginning at 6pm. There will be hot dogs, chips, and drinks etc and smores  
for dessert. It should be awesome! 
will be Saturday, October 5th at 9am at Juanita’s house. 
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD- This month we are gathering  
STUFFED ANIMALS. If you bring items to be donated, please  
place them in the Operation Christmas Child display box. 
BIBLES- There are Bibles available on the back table. 
PRAYER REQUESTS & WELCOME CARDS- can be placed in the  
Prayer Box on the back table. 
MISSIONS- Updates can be found on the Missionaries tables. 
CELL PHONES- Please turn off your cell phones at this time. 
TITHES & OFFERINGS- Tithe/Offerings box is on the back table. 
SAVE THE DATES- Upcoming Conferences: 
Calvary Chapel Men’s Conference: September 21 
Calvary Chapel Midwest Pastors Conference: October 14-16 
Operation Christmas Child Packing Party: November 17 
Operation Christmas Child Collection Week: November 18-24 
Thanksgiving Dinner Fellowship: Tuesday, November 26 
Christmas  Fellowship: Sunday, December 22 
                  Next Sunday: 1 CHRONICLES 23 
                  “Work of the House of the LORD” 
                      Calvary Chapel of LaGrange 
                    2425 S. Hwy 53, LaGrange KY 40031 
            (502) 758-4627 
              To listen to our recent studies, please visit: and search for “calvaryoflagrange” 

For the week of: September 16-22

Praying for today's family:

Kent & Carla



Oechsli & Senai


Praying for:

Our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Our country

All veterans:  Those who have served and those who serve today

Peace in Israel

Operation Christmas Child: (Week 43)

Pray that children living in the poorest communities will receive shoe boxes with plenty of school supplies they need for their education.

This week's Psalm Psalm 37:1-4